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Why Needham?

For the past eight years, Adam Block has felt fortunate to call Needham home. A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Adam and his wife Rebecca sought a welcoming community with a similar feel in which to raise their family. They wanted to live in a vibrant town with a strong school system that provided amenities and was close to work, daycare, and family. Needham checked all the boxes. 

Adam believes in giving back, so when a Planning Board seat came up for election in 2020, he was happy to volunteer. He is currently the Board Chair and is seeking re-election in April to continue the work he knows is important to help the town preserve its unique character while planning for the future in a thoughtful and sustainable way. 

Transformational Opportunities

Adam sees several transformational opportunities for Needham. For example, the town is embarking upon a process of significant housing reform in response to the regional need for affordable housing. Needham is exploring climate-smart zoning reform that will reduce its carbon footprint across residential, commercial, and institutional development. Adam also sees the potential to unlock the Charles River, developing a boardwalk from Highland to Central with restaurants, retail boutiques, office buildings, and small apartments ideal for seniors wishing to stay in town and for workforce housing. This area would add vibrancy to the community and bring useful business and tax revenue to the town. 

Thoughtful Approach

Adam agrees with concerned residents that Needham needs a thoughtful approach when considering development projects. He recognizes the importance of an open process, or fostering community engagement and of thoughtfully managing the impacts of development. These are all important considerations that lead to responsible development. He sees an increased level of awareness and engagement that is a welcome improvement, and he believes that working together results in better zoning and better projects.

In addition to serving on the Planning Board, Adam is also a Town Meeting Member and has been on the Council of Economic Advisors since 2017. He hopes to continue his service to Needham for another term on the Planning Board. He knows many zoning reform efforts and important projects will come before the board in the next several years, and he wants to help the town evaluate and determine how each one can best serve the common goals of Needham residents.


Adam wants to hear from you. Please, send him a message.